SRAM HRD: Platform Overview SRAM HRD: Platform Overview

SRAM HRD: Platform Overview

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Friday, August 26, 2016

It’s about time.

Every ride is different. Riding conditions are as reliable as the weatherman. And controlling speed is just as important as maximizing it. So, we created hydraulic road disc (HRD) solutions for riders who don’t let circumstance compromise their ride. It’s for the purist descending thousands of meters of mountain road, reaching absurd speeds. It’s for the CX athlete competing in the nastiest conditions imaginable. It’s for the commuter who pedals to work rain or shine. SRAM HRD is braking for unconditional riders.

HRD is available across a wide range of SRAM road products, from SRAM RED® eTap® to Apex® 1. HRD is represented by two brake platforms, HydroR™ and HydroHC™, both available in post mount and flat mount options. 

HydroR™ platform

Currently used in SRAM RED®, Force®, Rival® and Apex 1® level products, SRAM HydroR™ offers the following features:

  • Optimized power and modulation for road and cyclocross
  • 160mm rotors for pavement, 140mm rotor option for CX
  • Reach Adjust
  • 1x options available  


HydroHC™ platform

Found exclusively on SRAM RED® eTap® HRD, HydroHC™’s class-leading comfort, fit, and braking performance give you more control than any other road brake on the market.

  • Improved ergonomics including a smaller diameter hood for more finger wrap and Reach Adjust for better control
  • Contact Point Adjustment™ lets you custom tune when your brakes engage—a first for HRD
  • Bleeding Edge™ technology for quick, hassle-free bleeds
  • Class-leading heat management technologies—heat shield, insulated aluminum pistons, and a wider pad pocket—help HydroHC™ improve on HydroR™’s already impressive heat management capabilities.
  • Responsive lever feel for better control, featuring a light lever stroke with distinct contact point and snappy return

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